Analingus: Top Tips for Eating Ass

Indulging in a sexual activity with your partner usually involves several stimulating techniques to turn the heat up. One of them is rimming or the oral stimulation of the anus. If you are curious about doing this technique, here are some tips of doing it nicely.

1. Clean Up

Cleanliness is even more of an issue with this activity than with traditional oral sex. Taking a bath or shower with your partner is a relaxing form of foreplay and will allow you to get clean. Both of you can soap your arses, where you can insert a finger into her rectum and rinse it thoroughly with warm water.

2. Ease In

Let your partner get comfortable before you bury your tongue in her arse. You can do this by massaging buttocks and caressing her thighs and butt cheeks. After this, you can now work on the targeted area. You can see that she is stimulated when this sensitive part of the body contracts and expands. After a bit of soft probing, her sphincter muscles should start to relax and welcome deeper exploration.

3. Work Your Tongue

The anal region is full of nerve endings that are very sensitive to caresses. Using your tongue, work over her hole. In doing this, peep it loose and paint wide circles around her pucker. This will make it tight, long, and pointed for better penetration.

4. Use Your Hands

In some ass-eating positions, your hands might be full in keeping her butt cheeks spread to allow you better access to the hole. However, it is worthwhile to convince her to sit on your face or reach back and clamp her arse open wide itself. This way, you can put your hands to work on massaging her bellybutton or tweaking her nipples.

5. Pig Out

Once you’ve got your face in her butt, don’t hold back and worship it. This part is considered as one of the most intimate of all sexual acts. If both you and your partner approach this with enthusiasm and openness, you will be rewarded with unparalleled enjoyment.

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